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Friday, December 24, 2010

An awesome night!

I couldn't ask for more!I dreamed about you last night and guess what?You told me that you wanna to be with me in my dream!!!Just for a second,i was stunned and my heart was full with happiness!!!Can you imagine that?It's a dream but it was so real!!!I wouldn't wanna wake up if i had a choice!
I went for 2 movies just now with Ms.Shanon at KLCC!Gulliver's Travels was great and Little Fockers was even greater!!!I had so much fun watching these movies!!!
After movie,we have decided to have Korean Cuisine for our dinner and Ms.Shanon drove all the way to Little Korea Village that situated at Ampang after fetching Ms. Joey!Korean Cuisine never let me down!!!Still the best taste that i've ever tasted!
It's Christmas Eve!!!Stop rotting in front of computer and start partying with friends!!!

Merry Christmas from SANTA to everyone of you!!!

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