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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a nice day!!!

Went out to Mid Valley with a bunch of friends due to Miss Clarissa 19th Birthday celebration.We left from Inti around 10am and arrived at Mid Valley around 1130am.We went to meet Miss Clarissa and her gang and after that me and several friends went to buy the ticket for the movie name The Dark Knight(Batman) and since all of them wanted to watch another 3D movie name Journey To Center Of The Earth,we have bought the tickets for both of the movies.After that,we went to have our lunch at a Thai Cuisine restaurant and the dishes had caused our throat on fire because it were too spicy and hot.Then,we went into the cinema and had spent 6 hours in the cinema because of watching 2 movies and both of the movies were quite nice.After spending lots of time there,we decided to have dinner together at Mid Valley food court before we came back to Inti.In the mean time,i've decided to buy Clare a birthday cake from secret recipe since everyone will need a birthday cake on their birthday.After dinner,all of us brought Clare to the secret recipe shop and celebrated her birthday there.Started our journey back from Mid Valley to Inti we've done with all the celebrations and arrived at Inti around 12am.I went back to my room and took a shower and after that,i've to make my way to Mybox there because i will have to celebrate Mr.Wooi's birthday as well.Back to my room by 230am and start updating my blog before i go to bed.Fuu...What a tiring and happy day!!!So,once again HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to Miss CLARISSA and HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to Mr.WOOI,my grandpa!!!That's all for today,good night my friends...


Birthday Happy!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Star gazing!!!

Just came back from academy block after me and my Statistic lecturer,Mr. Tai have had the star gazing activity.I have seen quite a number of stars in the sky and my lecturer just taught me how to recognize the stars,find out the horoscope stars location,figure out a planet,how to use a telescope and so on,it's so interesting.From 8pm-10pm,i've saw and learnt a lot of things.At first,my lecturer found the Jupiter and the telescope is adjusted so that i can have a clear glance at Jupiter.From the telescope,i saw the Jupiter and is surrounded by it's 4 moons,it was so cool.After that,i was given a chance by Mr. Tai to locate the Jupiter all by myself by using the telescope.After he taught me the ways of using it,i've tried and i got it located just in a moment.I am quite lucky as well since me and my lecturer saw a meteor passed through the sky just now but i can't manage to make a wish because it disappeared just in a second.Not bad,at least i saw something that it's hard to see.After that,Mr.Tai showed me the stars cluster as well as introduced to me the name of some stars.It was a good experience and i hope that next time i will have a chance to have a look at moon by using the telescope.Nice!!!By the way,Happy Belated Birthday to Mr.Naufal and Happy Birthday to Miss Kelly Chai.May all your wishes come true and have a nice day.Going out now,ciaozzz...



Monday, July 28, 2008

Start giving and stop asking...

Finally i've completed my Maths test and i knew that it's gonna be screwed up again.Darn it!Hard questions and one link to each another,once you got it wrong at the first question,the rest will be all wrong.What the...But it's OKAY since all are now over and my semester break is coming soon as well.For this semester break,i will either pass the days happily or sadly since my AS result will be releasing soon.Aikz...Big probability will have to re-take all the subjects especially Chemistry.By the way,will have a surprise for my friend afterwards due to his 19th Birthday.Just bought a cake,present and birthday card and we are going to celebrate it at around 11pm.Hee...It's been a long time that we didn't celebrate friend's birthday.Will have to go out soon...Hmm...To whom it may concern,let a relationship start with good and end it with good.Always look forward and never return,try to let it go.You lost something but in another way,you gained something that you might not have realized.Alright?Don't be sad lu...That's all i wanna said and Night for you people!


Let it go...
Let it be...
Once it's gone...
You will never be like this anymore...
Perhaps will get a better one...
We are meant to meet a few wrong people first before we can meet the right one...
It's nothing to be sad about...
Forgive and forget...
Is the hardest thing...

Once you did it...
No one can hurt you anymore...

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Preparations for Maths test!!!

It's gonna be a tough night for me because i will have my Maths test after a few hours later and i am now trying my very best to understand all the chapters that are going to be tested on the test.This is the first time which i find that Maths is not that easy to study and it's time for me to start my revision on all the subjects that i've took for myA2 exam.Suffer now or else i will suffer for the rest of my life.What to do after the test?More classes are waiting for me and the first class by tomorrow after the test will be Chemistry,the most boring subject ever.Hope that i could manage to answer all the questions by tomorrow and may God bless all of us that are going to sit for the test as well.I will have to go out soon for group study and i am going to end here since i will have to do something else before i go out.Good night for those are free and good luck for those are having their semester exam soon.Ciaozzz...


今夜又在這班那班 來回這段地下鐵 看著人來人往尋找一個熟悉的背影 時間隨著行人緩緩後退彷彿又看見 你的臉 地下鐵趕快飛 被風吹散了發尾 讓人頹廢 外套上的雨水在臉上排隊 也不敢吹 忘記了也無所謂 地下鐵趕快飛 我的愛人有點累我有點醉 我的終點永遠在你下一站 你趕快睡 輕輕靠著我的背 這些年早就習慣送你的揮別 你也一直以為下面才是我的終點站 我在下個出口等待最後一班回程的 地下鐵

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Slept at 7am this morning and i've done with my laundry.Somehow,someone had turned off the switch when my clothes were in the dryer and it costed me another RM2.50 to dry up my clothes.For the second time,i stood there for 45 minutes in order to make sure that no one will turn the switch off again.Duh!It was so long and i was pretty sleepy right at that moment.After i've done with my laundry,i went back to my room and went to bed after i've hung up all my clothes into my wardrobe.Woke up at 1pm and thought that want to go somewhere else to hang out with friends but ended up doing nothing in my room.Aikz...Just as usual,spending half of my day doing nothing besides watching drama and i keep on procrastinating from finishing my lab report.It's another day closer to Maths Test and i am still not yet start with my revision on Maths and it looks like i have the thought of skipping the test.Hmm...Will start by tomorrow,last minute study...Lolx...Going out now.Ciaozzz...


You know thatPlease believe me...=)

Friday, July 25, 2008


Just came back from the night market and i've bought a lot of things but all were not mine.Lolx...Bought a lot of junk food and it's considered as my dinner.I am very full right at this moment and i feel like i am going to vomit if there's extra food that yet to finish.Feel like eating sushi in the evening and i planned to go all the way down to Seremban to have some sushi as my lunch.Somehow,i gave up the plan after all due to the laziness and therefore,i skipped my lunch as well.By the way,it's friday night again but i won't be free by this weekend because i will have to sit for my Maths test on monday and i still have 2 Physics lab report that yet to finish.Argh...It's gonna be a super boring weekend.One of my friends sent me a song by this evening and surprisingly,it was the song that i used to listen everytime whenever i was having my tuition class and the song really meant a lot to me.Fortunately that he still remember the song and thanks ya bro for sending me that song.Will ask you to come out for gathering when i am back to Alor Star.Cheers!!!


You will never know that kind of feeling...

Let's dance!!!

Just came back from Fusion Vybes which was an event that organized by Inti Vybes committees and it's something like a clubbing event without alcohol drinks.Well,the best part of the whole event was the open dance floor for all the students and all the performances before that were so so only or i should say that i wasn't too satisfied with all the performances.Overall,it was still a good event because of the open dance floor since everyone of us enjoy dancing around and i gained a chance to relax myself through the event.Kinda exhausted after attended the event and i am going to rest soon after i've updated my blog.By the way,i just got to know the meaning of a cup of rose bud tea and it's quite meaningful for those who are in love.Guys,get a cup of rose tea for the girl that you like when you have a chance to go dinner with her.Believe in me and you will never regret of doing so...=)


Love is the thing that beyond my touch...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life is Good!!!

For me,life is good when coffee,chocolates and music are together.Lolx...I have 3 Physics lab reports and one Chemistry lab report that yet to finish by this weekend and 2 tests are waiting for me on next monday and tuesday.Maths test on monday and Chemistry test on the next day after Maths.Argh...What a busy weekend!After next week,all of us will have to prepare for the coming mock exam since the A2 exam is coming and this indicates that A-level programme for Year 2007 May intake batch is going to end soon as well.Some of my coursemates are planning for the farewell party as well as start designing the shirt.Sad...It's all too fast.Where will i be by the next year?Which place to go and which University to enter?Am i qualify to enter?All these questions suddenly come to my mind.Aikzzz...Going to be a tough road and my AS exam result will be releasing soon and i don't really think that i can get a good result.Stresssssssss.....


Who will be by my side when i need someone?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Since my block is being fogged now and i got nothing to do right at this moment,i decided to update my block earlier.Not really happy today and just online on msn and chat with my brother just now and i have no idea at all how he knew that i am not that happy today and all the things that he told me were about relaxing myself and some ways to release my stress.Finally,he told me a way that he got from a movie and it's said that when someone is unhappy,try to eat something sweet and it will help to reduce the unhappy feeling.Coincidently,i had some chocolates in my room which i bought yesterday and after i had some of the chocolates,i really feel better.Was it because of the chocolates or my brother's concern that made me feel better?Sometime when you are feeling helpless,try to think about your parents or your siblings that will keep supporting you and it really will help you in solving the problem that you are facing easily.Everyone needs support in doing something especially when he/she is lack of self confidence in completing the task.Hmm...Going for dinner soon,just let me know when you really need someone to support you whether through physically,morally or mentally,i will be always there for you.Alright?Have a nice day people and cherish everyday...


Are you happy today?
If not,
I have some chocolates,
Do you want to have some?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Phyiscs Test DONE badly!!!

Finally I've done with my Physics test and after i finished the test,i realized that i did a lot of silly mistakes.Aikz...It's gonna be another low marks test result.Erm,another 2 tests coming and it will be on next Monday and tuesday.Argh...Got to start working hard start from today onwards if i don't want to spoil my A2 exam.For Statistic,Mathematics and Physics,i have the best lecturers but for Chemistry,i will have to work it out all by myself.By the way,i am now addicted to chocolates because of some reasons and i found that chocolates are quite nice to serve with coffee and the taste was so unique and i really like that.Having a boring lifestyle recently and i am thinking of changing the lifestyle in a better way.Lonesome with happiness or more people with lots of dissatisfactions???Still missing her badly and till today i still can't put it down...Stupid me...


You really should paint my love...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


When i am alone and i got nothing to do,my mind will always think of the person that i miss the most.I think a lot of people also try before this kind of feeling,someone's face will appear in your mind suddenly and will recall back all the stuff about that person.What you did to this person or what the person did to you before that made him/her so special to you.I don't know what will it be for the others but for me,coffee and music will be my partner when i am lonely.Coffee tastes the best with the nice music and i will only have this two things together normally on weekends morning if i didn't go any place or don't have anything to do.Well,just a simple lifestyle...By the way,i will have my Physics test tomorrow and now i haven't start with my revision yet and i still have a lab report that yet to finish.Oh Gosh!I don't want to have TEST!!!Hopefully i can finish it by tonight...Gonna continue with my work...Ciaozzz and Night!!!


Everything can be fake but not my love for you...

Back to last time...

Just came back from cyber cafe after spending 3 hours there playing some games and it's the first time that EBB connection is better than the cyber cafe because the cyber cafe don't have the internet connection today due to the TM streamyx problem.At least EBB still manage to let me to update my blog.Well,i am once again back to the basketball court playing the midnight basketball with my friends after a long break and i've became the target of the basketball for several times just now.Lolx...Erm...Wasting the whole morning and afternoon for Street Fifa and several episodes of drama.Stupid lifestyle...Kinda sleepy right now,night everyone!!!By the way,the election of 13th Intima committees has began and for all Inti students,please vote for the one that you think that he/she is capable for the post that he/she is running for.It's for your future benefits...


The possible impossible stuff...

Friday, July 18, 2008


It's friday night and it's happy hour for the my gang by spending the time at the cyber cafe playing games and so on.I'm gonna be very busy by the next coming week and really need to enjoy my weekend with all kind of excitements.Oh ya!Happy Birthday to Miss Delia and hope that you will have a nice day.May all your wishes come true and hope that you enjoyed those celebrations that prepared by your friends.May GOD bless you always!!!So,you are getting older again,don't always be so 'MAN' and try to become a 'GIRL' with all your body languages.Hehe...Erm...Gonna continue with my game,Night you people!!!
Once again,HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY TO DELIA!!!


Wipe off my tears...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Had my dinner at Tokmama restaurant just now and i have ordered the western food for dinner.The restaurant is just next to the Melati Kopitiam which is behind the Facebook restaurant.For the dinner,i've ordered a set of Grill Cajun Chicken chop and Chicken cream soup.Oh Gosh!Both of the dishes were so delicious and the price were reasonable as well.Damn enjoy the dinner...Erm...After having such a wonderful dinner,i should go out and do some exercises in order to help my stomach to digest the food.By the way,will have a lot of stuff need to do by the coming week such as tests,assignment and so on and tomorrow i will have to pass up my chemistry assignment which i not yet start doing it.Will have my dry lab session for Chemistry by tomorrow and for this weekend,i will have to work out with my 2 Physics lab reports as well as a Chemistry lab report.This is life...All the best for those who are going to have their final exam soon.Going out now,Ciaozzzz...Keep fighting for a better future!!!


Just a gentle whisper
told me that you'd gone
Leaving only memories
where did we go wrong?
I couldn't find the words then
so let me say them now
I'm still in love with you
Tell me that you love me
tell me that you care
Tell me that you need me
and I'll be there
I'll be there waiting you
I will always love you
I will always stay true
There's no one
who loves you like I do
Come to me now
I will never leave you
I will stay here with you
Through the good and bad
I will stand true
I'm in love with you
Now we're here together
yesterday has past
Life is just beginning
close to you at last
And I promise to you
I will always be there
I give my all to you
Living life without you
is more than I can bear
Hold me close forever
I'll be there....
This I promise...
Our love is forever
holding us together
Nothing in this world
can stop us now
Love has found a way~~~
I'm in love
I'm so in love
I'm so in love
with you

~It's a song...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A journey called life...

All of us started our long journey since the day we were born and i just want to post my ideas regarding on our life.For me,life is like a long distance road and everyone of us will remain on the road until the day that we were dead.A road where you can only walk with patience and get to know as many people as you can that are on the same road with you in order to make your journey more interesting.No one wants to walk alone,the one who wants to,won't walk for long.All of us need all kind of supports from other people so that we will have the courage to continue with the journey and won't be afraid of getting hurt since there are always someone that by our side and keep supporting us.The only difference between all the people that on the journey is movement.Some like to run and some like to walk and it doens't matter what kind of movement that you chose,the destination will always be the same.For those that walk faster than others,they tend to explore the road first and try to guide the people that are behind and for those who are being left over,they will speed up and try to catch up with the people that are in front.For those who feel tired,try to slow or stop and rest a while and don't force yourself to keep going on.It's good to have some rest in order to walk for a longer distance.Someone who cares about you will share the water with you and by that time,take care of the person forever,appreciate every moment that are with her and try to move on together till the end.Be someone that always sincere and honest,someone that never think of taking a shortcut.Be careful and not to hurt anyone...God bless you all!Don't regret after the decision is made...


An old but nice song...
Love it since i was a kid...


Like an

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Just came back from dinner with my friends and all of us were talking about the petroleum stuff.It's kinda extraordinary for today's post because i am quite interested in that.By the way,i just got it from my friends that there are several companies that bought a lot of petroleum and stored it in order to control whole world's economy in the future.Well,i am now trying to find out those companies and tend to do a research regarding on those companies.Hmm...I know that it's a bit stupid but as long as i like it,no one can stop me.Lolx...I am trying to apply the concepts which i've learnt from someone into those actions that took by the companies and try to predict something from it.Who will be the one that controlling world's economy in the future?It's time for me to learn something new and useful...Got something to do,Night for everyone!!!
Ps:Sorry for all the people that hoping for my emo post.Lolx...Sometimes i will need have some rubbish post.By the way,Happy Birthday to Miss Lysa...


What's wrong with me?
Crazy in love with business?
God knows.
Tomorrow will be back to normal post.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Almost there...

It's another day gone after attended the continuously 6 hours class from 10am-4pm and i just realized that i like Physics more than any other subject.Lolx...Time always passes with the fastest speed while having Physics lecture and the slowest for Chemistry.Darn it!How i wish that my everyday will only have Physics and no other subjects.As the A2 is approaching,i've tried my best to start my revision and the result is i will only awake while studying Physics and for other subjects,i would rather take a nap.Sweat!By the way,one of my friends told me that recently a lot of her friends had broke up with their girlfriend/boyfriend and she asked me for help by giving her some ideas in comforting those people.Aikz...Is it now the season of breaking up a relationship?Duh!Luckily i am still single and won't have to care about that kind of problem.Why love someone which don't love you?What is our main duty since we were born and what should we do in order to make it a perfect life?GOD knows...Enjoying my own life and i hope that someone could understand me...Have a nice day!!!
Understand?If you don't,ask me then...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lonely dude...

Spending whole in my room doing nothing besides tidy up all my shirts in the wardrobe.Just finished my dinner at Jabez and since all my friends not yet back to Inti,so i went to have my dinner alone.The feeling of having dinner alone was quite nice for me but for others,they don't like that kind of feeling.I enjoy the moment while having my dinner alone because i will not have to talk with others and i will just leave after i've finished with my meal.In fact,there is only a thing that i need to have with me when i am having my meal and it's music.For me,every music has a story behind it and the stories will keep increasing with my life keep going on.Music coloured my life and that's why i am willing to spend for music.People betray the one that trusted them the most such as friends and those people will not have friends.By using someone's secret to build up friendship with other people will only ruin your life.Think about it people...Be honest to yourself and if you could do that,others won't be able to cheat on you...Not feeling well and having sore throat,Night people!!!


It's true that human make mistakes but not betray...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shopping spree!!!

Sometimes guys can spend more than girls and i just did it today.Ahaha...I went to 3 shopping mall in one day and bought a lot of new shirts and a jean.Left Inti at 10am and arrived at Sungai Wang Plaza around 11 something and i thought that i will just hanging around but after that i realized that i was wrong because i spent a lot at those shirts and the jean.After that,i made my way to Times Square and fortunately i didn't spend much there.Lolx...After wasted an hour at Times Square,i decided to go to Mid Valley to watch movie with a friend which i've reserved 5 tickets 3 days before.I've chose to watch Hancock and it was quite a nice movie and a bit to comedy at several scenes.Overall,it's still a nice movie that worth to watch and i am now hoping to watch the movie run fatboy run which is a comedy.After the movie,we guys were just hanging around since my friend wanted to find a shirt for a coming event and therefore we started to search for the shirt that he wants and kept walking in and out from Metrojaya and Jusco.There,i found another shirt again and bought it with quite a cheap price whereas my friend was still searching for his favourite shirt.By the way,we had our dinner at the Nando's which i haven't eat for quite a period of time.It's pretty tasty but just a bit spicy for me since i ordered for a hot peri-peri chicken.After dinner,my friend continue with his searching mission and he finally found his shirt after searching for long.Aikz...Broke!Tired and sleepy,Night!


Feel like buying a guitar...