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Monday, June 30, 2008

Usual day...

The first day of the second week after the semester started and all i did for today was the same as usual, went to the class and then back to room after the classes ended.Hmm...Lifeless right?For me,nothing can be better than stay in my own room and listen to the songs that i like and of course missing someone that i like.I enjoy my everyday by doing so and that's why i don't really like to go out if there's no special reason for me to go out.Music is my life and i keep looking for a memorable song which is the most meaningful for me in order to make me remember something which i can't afford to forget.Every song tells a story of my life and i've used this kind of method to remember something special that happened in my life.So,i've got a lot of nice memories as well as sad memories.May be someday,someone who is special for me will have the chance to listen every single story behind every single song if she is interested.For me,music speaks a thousand words...Night!My life is so sick without you and i always tend to scream your name as loud as possible so that i can reduce the feeling of missing you.I am addicted to you and you will never know that kind of feeling.The feeling of want to see you,the feeling of want to protect you from every hurt,the urge of want to love you like no others and care for you for every single moment.I can never get all of these in reality because you just don't know how much i love you and how much i wish that you will be with me.I love you so deeply and i pray for every day and night that may be someday,you will tell me that you are mine.I am dreaming of it for every moment and this will only happen in my dream...Try to understand my feeling of my heart and you will know everything...



Sunday, June 29, 2008

Feeling strengthless...

It's raining now and it started since the afternoon and now the weather is freakin cold.Spending whole day in my room doing nothing and i don't feel well right at this moment.I feel like i will be getting sick soon and that's why i am having a cup of herbal tea with me now.Argh...I don't want to get sick within this week because Intiball will be held by the end of this week.Hmm...Have to rest earlier in order to prevent myself from getting sick.I will need to face Ah Liam Kor by tomorrow's first lecture because it's Chemistry again.Continuously 6 hours class from 10am-4pm tomorrow.Aikzzz...Have to suffer again with no choice.This is life...T.T It's been a long time that i didn't see you and i will just look at those O'night photos over and over again in order to ease my pain of missing you.Where have you been?You face keep playing in my mind over and over and over again the whole day and night,even into the next day.I know that my love to you is not blind and i am waiting for the miracle to happen.I always believe in miracles and i believe that there are no accidents.I am just simply like you and that explained why i was so sad when i can't excess into your blog while you were trying the security setting...=)


Can love you?
Like no one else can do...
Will you accept it?
If i tell you that i want to be with you...
Will you reply my message?
If i send a message to you telling you that i can't live without you...
It's all remain unknown....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family day....

Just came back from Puchong after spending the whole day at outside shopping with my mum at Suria KLCC and also at my uncle's house.Surprisingly,i've spent around RM1000 for today's shopping for all the stuff that i need.I've bought a pair of leather shoes for the coming Intiball,a set of clinique happy which was the perfume for men and a sunglass.Wow!I never knew that i can spend so much in a single day and i just did it today.Lolx...Thanks a lot ya mum for buying those things for me.Ahaha...Hmm...My mum is going back next week,will miss her a lot but it's okay since it won't last for long because i am going to there for my vacation after my A2 and then will go to Sipadan after that which is the greatest place for snorkeling.Argh...Semester 4 still have a long way to go.Sad...Erm...Kinda tired,going to sleep now.Ciaoz...
So you were just testing the setting huh?Oh Gosh,you scared me.I thought that you will never open your blog again and it really made me sad.Thank GOD that you have unlocked it.You will never know the feeling of being declined from excessing into someone's blog that you like the most.I thought that you will never care anymore...Luckily...You are here again...=)
Thanks thanks...

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Thank you for coming back...
If not...
I don't know what will happen to me...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy weekend...

Just came back from the 'Pasar Malam' and i've bought a lot of FOOD and i am now eating the delicious 'nasi lemak' and drinking Yeo's green tea.Hmm...It's been a long time that i didn't go to this kind of night market because of laziness.Will need to rest after having my dinner because i have been busy the whole day of choosing the Prom King and Queen top 10 finalist and i am really tired now.Furthermore,i will have to go to KLCC by tomorrow morning to do shopping with my mum for the last time before she goes back to USA.Hope that everything will be fine on tomorrow and i will have to spend a lot of time in the KTM again.Aikz...Well,that's all for today and congratulations to the top 10 finalist of the Prom King and Queen candidates.May GOD bless you all...
It's kinda weird feeling from getting disconnected from your everything.Every morning i woke up,i am still typing in your blog address first whenever i open my I.E.Even though i knew that it's locked and i am not invited,i still keep trying to login with my email address and hoping that may be one day i am invited to view it.Somehow,i got it disappointed everytime and i won't give up trying.It might be annoying to you,but i really really can't stop thinking of you and i look stupid with that since i knew that it's an impossible thing to be happened.Silly me...


While looking at you,
I became the saddest person in the world.
I hope that he can treat you well
I don't wish that you turn back to me
I will just let my tears roll down from my face for the last time.
After that,
We will never meet again.
Bye forever...

Getting better...

Thank God!My toe is getting better and is recovering.Went to donate blood by this evening and i just figured out that my blood circulation was quite good because i finished it quite fast,even faster than the two guys that went in before me.Lolx...However,i dropped my PSP while i was going to donate the blood and the LCD screen is now broken and i've sent it to repair and it costs me RM370.Aikz...Have to wait until monday and within this period of time,i am going to use my phone as the temporary music player.Sad...Life with no music is really bored.Well,tomorrow will only have 2 hours class from 8-10am and that's all for tomorrow.May be going out by this weekend to meet my mum for the last time before she goes back to USA.Mostly will be going to KLCC because my dearest mum really like to do her shopping around those area.Don't worry mum,i will be going to USA to meet you up soon.By the way,i would like to greet Mr. Justin Joel Thomas Happy 21st Birthday and hope that you like the surprise that we had prepared for you just now and hope that you enjoy the day.Kinda sleepy now,Good night!It's locked and i no longer can get to know your stuff anymore.Erm...I can't do anything since this is your choice and it's your blog.Perhaps you just want to let someone that you trusted the most to read your blog or may be you felt like it's better to keep it for yourself and as long as you are happy with it,you can just remain like that but if you still reading my blog,i am telling you that i won't stop blogging about my feeling to you because it's the real feeling from me to you.You are really really really special to me and you are the only one that i am not willing to give up.By the way,you can just ignore all the messages that wrote by my friend at the comment site.Keep blogging and have fun with it even though i can't view it anymore and you will be always in my heart...=)

BIG MISUNDERSTOOD BY 5566(Direct Translation)

一切还不都same old same old
她一定hot hot 超过你想象
She's a liar
Buddy Buddy 很棒
红发的女孩 迷上了她
Elina 不等于Se selina
我的天啊 Oh my God
Combine all the words that in red colour from the lyrics above and form a sentence.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's hard for me to move around!!!

Sad!!!What happened to my toe?It's so hurt and it's really hard for me to move around whether to class or go other places.So inconvenience for me to attend my classes and i thought before to skip my classes but i just can't do it.Aikz...Really hope that i can recover as soon as possible so that i can go jogging again like last time and not sitting in my room doing nothing.Erm...Just came back from Intiball meeting and the OC briefed us about the programme flow and so on.By the way,had the photoshoot for all the organizing committees just now and it looks really S***ks.Hmm...One of my friends felt quite upset just now due to the event stuff and she asked me whether could i lend her my shoulder if she cries.Girl,of course i am willing to lend you my shoulder if you really need it.In the end,she didn't cry because i played her some of my favourite music and it's most likely to those kind of relaxing songs and she felt better after the batteries of the gadget ran out.This is the reason that i always have my music with me and i hope that may be someday i can play those songs to someone i like as well while she is stressed up.Well,it's about time to stop and i have to sleep earlier tonight because i am going to donate blood tomorrow.Night!Just pain for a while and you might have save someone's life...Viewed your blog and saw a message that left by someone to you.Hmm...To be honest,my heart don't really feel nice when i saw it but i am not going to make any stupid assumptions about that since you told me before not to do so.Hope that you are doing well in your everyday and i can see that you are quite busy with the coming O'night stuff.Just want to remind you to be careful with your bao bei and take care of yourself.In my blog,this is the only way that i can write out everything about you and i don't really care about others' comments besides yours.You are the one that special for me and no one can replace...=)


Which one is the most painful???
Physical hurt or the hurt that in your hurt???

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Gonna make this post real short because i am extremely sleepy right at this moment and i am going to bed soon.Just finished doing my first homework for this semester.It's Physics paper 5 excercise and i found it quite hard to do as well since i will need to consider a lot of things before you can write it out.Well,it doesn't matter though since i've finished it.Ahaha...So today i got Chemistry as first class as well and i just simply felt sleepy while the lecturer is giving lectures.It's so bored!!!However,something funny happened while we were having Chemistry class but i am not going to write it out here.=P Fortunately tomorrow i don't have any Chemistry class but i will have my Maths at 8am and then Physics at 12pm.By the way,my toe get twisted just now and now it's so painful and it's hard for me to walk.Argh...Hate it!!!Erm...That's all for today...Night Night!Dreamt of you yesterday and i really wish that i won't wake up forever because you were so sweet in that dream and that dream was showing everything that i've waited for long.Woke up in the early morning with a smile.I never felt like this before and i do hope that i can make the same dream whenever i went to sleep at night.I like you like no others...=) Take care!!!


The truth is that i always think of you and i am waiting you to say YES to me...

Back to class for the first day...

So yeah,today was the first day of my semester 4 and the first class for today was Chemistry that conducted by Ah Liam Kor.Well,he was still like last time,kept saying 'Ah yes yes yes yes' and 'this particular blah blah blah' and we just like last time,kept chating with friends and so on.Supposedly we will have Maths after Chemistry but don't know why it suddenly being cancelled by the lecturer.After that,i had my Physics class at 2pm to 4pm and the lecturer is the one that taught us for the first semester,Mr.Kumar.Thanks for coming back!I got no more class after Physics and then i received a call from my mum and she said that she will be going back to US soon and she wants to have dinner with me before she leaves.So,i went all the way down to Sri Petaling there to meet my mum and had visited my new born nephew.He is so cute!!!After i saw my little nephew,i went for dinner with my mum and my uncle.I spent about 3 hours there and started to get back to Inti at 10pm and arrived at Inti around 1130pm.Duh!Damn tired right at this moment and i am going to sleep soon because tomorrow i will have Ah Liam Kor's class at 8am...>.<...Night night!Patience and loyalty?Time will prove everything...I believe in myself and my unchangeable love to you.Erm...Still like you like always and this is my 120th post about you.Thanks for giving hope to me everyday and i will always pray that you are always healthy,happy and keep smiling for everyday.No one should make you cry...Like you as always.Have a nice day!!! =)
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Meet my little new born nephew,BELVEN.
For those who can't understand english,here's the mandarin pronounciation for his name:不要问(Means don't ask!)


You are my everything and i don't want it to change to you were my everything...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get back to normal life....

Holiday is now over and my class will start by tomorrow morning.The first class will be Chemistry on 10am and following by Maths then Physics,2 hours for each class.Sigh...Going to be busy soon.Just finished watching Kung Fu Panda.Oh man,it was so great and DreamWorks had produced a nice animation and i am pretty impressed by the story line as well.Laughed non stop with those funny scenes in that animation.After that,i tidy up all my stuff and get ready for tomorrow class.Aikz...I want holiday to be longer.Hmm...A friend of mine won't be studying at here anymore for this semester and our gang is now lack of a fella.Take care bro!Come back to visit us always and please don't control yourself even though there have more pretty girls than here.Lolx...Going to bed soon...Ciaozzz... Oh Gosh!If it wasn't because of the reason,i wouldn't have let you back out from the competition.Look at the photos,you look so gorgeous.Aikz...Keep updating myself with your news is now one of my daily duties.Whenever i open the internet explorer,the first address that i would type in will be your blog address and now i am thinking of changing my I.E. home page from friendster site to your blog.I am addicted to you...The first thing that i do for everyday after i woke up is check my monitor whether did you leave any messages to me or not and the last thing that i do for everyday before i go to sleep will be thinking of you.Even though you are online now,i just can't get a topic to chat with you and that's why everytime i will just look at your msn until it appeared offline.Sigh...


I love you more than everything...
But i am just invisible for you...
Somehow,i'm glad that i know you...
Thanks for everything...=)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lang Tengah Island...

Finally i am back from Lang Tengah Island and it's time for me to create the longest post with the most photos.Lolx...Okay,let's get the story starts from the first day.
Day 1:
Woke up at 5.30am to go to LCCT airport and i almost miss the flight due to some reason.However,i still managed to board the flight and safely arrived at the Terengganu airport around 8.00am and my friends were waiting for me outside the airport for 3 hours since they went there by bus and arrived earlier.After i met them up and got the other passengers,we went to Merang jetty by using the bus provided by Lang Tengah Resort.After that,it was a 40 minutes boat trip from the jetty in order to go to the island and i like the cooling wind while we were on the way there.Ocean with no end...Nice!!!We arrived at Lang Tengah Island after 40 minutes and the first thing that caught my attention was the sea water,it's so clean and so clear where you can actually see the fishes kept swimming around and someone was snorkeling there right at that moment.After we got our luggage,we went to the reception there in order to make the check in procedure.A short brief was given by the manager to us and after that all of us start moving to the room that being given to us and the room i got was a triple sharing room with room number 505.Somehow,with a triple sharing room,i am the only one that going to stay in that room.It was so nice and i was actually thinking of someone who wasn't there when i was about to enter the room.I took half an hour to settle my stuff and took a bath before i went for snorkeling.When i stepped on the beach i can feel the white sand was cooling and then the sea water was so clean and extremely salty.It's really nice to see fishes that kept swimming around you.It's so pretty and relaxing.When it's around 2.30pm,we went to a place called marine park to continue the snorkeling activities.In order to go there,we will have to ride the boat and it took 20minutes to reached the place from the Lang Tengah Island.I saw even more species of fishes there and there's a huge amount of the fishes and coral around that area.I really enjoy that moment there.After we came back from the marine park,i went back to my room and took a shower and then i went out for a walk to take some photos.As a result of it,i got the sunburnt on both of my arms.It's quite pain though...In fact i was really tired when i was there for there first day due to didn't sleep on the day before i went there.So,i went to bed after i had my dinner and my friends just went out for a walk along the beach and they told me that they had discovered some really nice stuff and i just missed it.By the way,i bought a temporary note book for diary purpose since there's no internet connection there for me to update my blog.Aikz...
The first day gone...
Day 2:
Woke up at 7am and went to have my breakfast after i took the shower.Since all of my friends were still sleeping,i had the breakfast alone and then i went to their room and woke them up.When it's around 9.30am,we had another snorkeling trip around the island.We went to the snorkeling hot spot by riding the boat and all of us really had fun from it.There were a lot of colourful corals and the fishes were just beneath my body and i can touch it easily.We faced some problem while we were on our back to the island because the rope rolled into the outboard motor and made the boat from stop moving.All of the workers jumped into the sea in order to cut off the rope and they spent around 15 minutes to cut the rope out of the outboard motor.Then,all of us went back to own room to clean our body before we went for lunch.I went back to my room and took a nap after i took my lunch.Around 4.30pm,i went out to take some photos again and it was the time for the banana boat as well.That's it,i took some photos of that and then 2 of my friends and i kept walking along the beach and kept taking photos as well.The only thing was the weather was so hot and 3 of us kept sweating like hell.After 3 of us went back,4 of my other friends said that they want to go to swim for the last time because we are going back by tomorrow.Once again i went out with them but this time i became the photographer and kept snapping photos of all of us.While 4 of them were swimming,i just kept listening to the music and kept taking photos around that area.Around 7pm,i went for dinner and i felt quite nice for this dinner because they have some barbecue food for us.Nice!!!After that,all of us were gathered around a table and kept chit chating around.Once again,they've made fun on me because of someone and i just kept smiling but i really really was missing someone right at that moment.Miss Eka even composed a song for me...Duh!!!You guys really...It's our own leisure time and i got nothing to do and i just kept walking around and kept listening to the music.Later,we went to the seaside and since it was low ebb at that moment,we can see that the area by the seaside that filled with sea water in the morning was now dried and we walked to there and saw a lot of sea cucumber were lying on the sand.Then,all of us started the sea cucumber rescuing mission where we tried to move those sea cucumber which was still alive on the sand to the place where have sea water.After some time,the wind's blow getting stronger and stronger because it was going to rain.Somehow,right at that moment,i realized that i lost my spec and i called 2 of my friends to help me to search for it on the beach.At that moment,it started to rain and when i had gave up the hope of getting it back.When i was about to stop the searching process,one of friend found it on the sand and that's the man,Mr. Jonathan Chin.Thanks a lot to him and Mr. S.H.Yew for helping me to get back my spec.When i thought that all the things had finished and all of us can sit down and play the cards,i heard one of my friends said that someone accidentally locked the room up and they left the room key in the room.Aikz...All of them were so worried and Miss Eka's boyfriend kept trying to open it by using a card.After several times of trying,the door finally being opened and all of us were so excited.After so many unlucky stuff,we finally can sit down together and play the cards.I went back to room at 2am and start packing my stuff while others were watching the football match.Went to sleep at 3am and it was the last night there and we will have to go back by tomorrow morning.
End of day 2.
Day 3:
Woke up at 7am and went for breakfast after i took the shower.After that,i took my bag to my friend's room and i went to do the check out procedure.After i've checked out,i took my bag and board the boat which was going to send us back to the Merang jetty.The boat departed earlier andall of my friends were not with me.Erm...It's another 40 minutes boat ride then.While we were on the way back to Merang jetty,we were being stopped by the Marine Police for checking purpose.Fortunately the passengers that on the same boat with me were all Malaysian and the officer just jotted down our name and I.C. number before he let us go.I arrived at the jetty earlier than my friends and after they had arrived as well,we went on to the bus that was going to send most of the passengers to bus station.After the driver dropped down those passengers and my friends that were going back by bus at the bus station,the bus driver drove me and another guy which was going back by flight to Terengganu town city in order to let us spent some time there having our lunch and walking around.The area was known as Kampung Cina with lots of chinese people.The area makes me think of my grandma's place which was a bit similar to it.I've never been to my grandma's place again after she had passed away.So, i had my lunch there and then i went to check the area up while i was waiting for another person to drive us to airport at 2pm.The town was quite old and there were lots of temples and old people.I went into a hypermarket and kept hanging there in order to spent my time and i bought a belt and a tie for the coming Intiball.After that,we were being sent to the Terengganu airport and my flight departed at 4.30pm and arrived at LCCT around 5.20pm.From there,i took the taxi back to Inti.After that,i went back to my room and started to unpack my stuff and tidy up all the stuff.Then,i uploaded those photos to imeem before i went out to cyber cafe with my friends.Spent another 3 hours at cyber cafe and then went back to room and i slept at 3am.
End of 3 day.

Overall rating for Lang Tengah Trip:
Food:3.5 out of 5.0
Beach: 4.5 out of 5.0
View:4.7 out of 5.0
Day activities:4.0 out of 5.0
Night activities:2.0 out of 5.0
Fun:4.9 out of 5.0
Remarks:Good place to relax!!!

My lectures will start by tomorrow...Sigh...

While i was at there,i keep missing you for all the time.Those views and activities seem so imperfect without you.I viewed the sunset alone,i walked along the beach alone and i stayed in a triple sharing room alone.Every moment when i was there,i can't stop thinking of you.Without you there,i wasn't really have fun there.The time that you called me asking for your photos,i was so excited yet i can't call you back because there's no network there.You will never know the feeling of how i wish that you were there with me...Some people asked me why i went there alone with no partner,i just smiled at them and never said anything.I like you and i miss you...MUSIC is my life and you are the MUSIC of my life and without you,i am lifeless...=(

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