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Saturday, January 1, 2011


First of all,Happy Birthday to my Daddy and me myself!!!I am officially 22 years old now!!!!Haha...With that,i have received much loves from my friends,family and cousins!!!
Waking up in the morning by replying every birthday message that posted on my Facebook wall.THAT'S A LOT~!I hereby thank all my friends for sending me a Birthday message and i wish you guys stay healthy thoughout the whole year!!!
Out of my expectation,a girl which i am admired has sent me a birthday greeting to me on Facebook as well!!!I was sooooooooooooooooooo excited when i saw that and i am so blessed with it!!! =D
Next, we will see how many of my dearest friends actually greeted me! =]

133 in total!!
Once again,THANKS FOR ALL THE WISHES!!!You guys are fantastic!!!

I am wishing that i could stay healthy all the time and hopefully let "her" know that i am still into her~
Silly wishes i know,but that's my WISHES!!!So,who cares? =P
Boys and Girls,I hereby announce that YEAR 2011 starts now!!!
Birthday wishes:
  • I wish that everyone is safe throughout the whole year.
  • I wish that no more wars for the world.
  • I wish that i am able to graduate with the best result.
  • I wish that my family stay healthy for all the time.
  • I wish that she could be mine in this year or may be in the future.
  • And if she doesn't,I wish that i could be single forever.
  • I wish that...

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