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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kpopfans Evolved!

As you guys are aware that i am now hosting an online radio that plays K-pop songs, i am proud to tell you guys that i have made some evolution on the streaming and you guys can now access to my K-POP Wave Online Radio by either using Itunes or RealPlayer!

All you have to do is download this file (lim.pls) and run it with Itunes or Realplayer!
That's how easy it is~

You can now enjoy the K-pop songs that brought to you by DJ.Lim for 24/7!

Have fun listening!
Thank you for your support!
I strive my best to bring the best K-pop songs for you guys!

Note: If the file ain't working for you, you can still listen all the K-pop songs from K-Pop Wave Online Radio!

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