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Monday, May 23, 2011

Intern 1st day~

Woke up early at 6am and left at 630am and i still fucking met the traffic jam at Genting Klang! Arrived at the site at 730am and started reporting in by meeting MR.Chew Chee Yuan the Head of the Site.Then it was another intro-hi-bye session with every engineer that is working there. I was assigned to be under the guidance of MR.Sara the C&S Engineer of Tower A(We have a total of 4 towers there). Went to 35th floor for inspection of re-bar dimensions and the arrangement.It was then followed by inspecting the casted concrete for the underneath levels.By marking the concrete with faulty with spraying paint so that further replacement will be made.Eg.Honeycomb and porous concrete is to be removed.Have learnt on how to see the drawing of floor plan.After that,i was invited to attend the meeting before i end my first day at the site.It was then another JAMMING session when i was on my way back.
I have been assigned to monitor the casting of concrete for 36th floor on tomorrow.Need to go to bed now.Nitez Peeps!
PS:May GOD bless me throughout my whole internship program.

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