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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It was a normal day for me where i had gone through the Inspection of shear wall and see it with my own eyes on how concrete is casted on those floor that full with re-bars as well as submitting the inspection form to the clerk of work for inspection.At least i saw something that i know today,the slump test before concrete is accepted.Another floor has been built and i was asked to do the inspection of slab and beam.Well,my Architect Manager summoned me today and it seriously scared the shit out of me because i thought that i did something seriously wrong!Fortunately,he was just intended to put me into different departments within these few months so that i am able to learn more things even they ain't related to my field.Another inspection for the beam and slab that are done on tomorrow.Hopefully i will be able to wake up on tomorrow!

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ExKen said...

you will. take care.