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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Inspection of beam and slab for level 36 section A1 which has just been built and also the shear wall of level 35 section 2 with Mr.Chan.Everything was fine but only with some minor problems. After lunch break,my body ain't feeling well.Work must be done,i try to keep myself to the work because i know that this is the chance where i can learn everything that i couldn't learn in books. When we were having tea break time, I've collapsed.My body is like totally boneless,i'm cold,body is hot,running nose and sore throat. I informed my supervisor Mr.Chey and he asked me to rest properly before i go to the working place which is full with risk. I've made it till the working time is over.Driving all the way from my working place to Wangsa to visit doctor. I was diagnosed with 40 degree Celsius of high fever and my doctor was asking me to have 2 days MC which i refuse to. But she insisted at least a day off so that i can have a proper rest before i start working again.That's it,i called my supervisor to inform him that i won't be able to work on tomorrow and he said that it's okay even asked me to take care.LOL! Great,now i am resting here and will be off from work tomorrow.

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